Smart Clothing Technologies

The active safety vest with high performance LED integration


The High Visibility LED vest – WPRO1.1

An active safety clothing offering no constraint

Inspired by workers

More visibility

More safety


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Designed in France in close collaboration with highway professionals


The WPRO1.1 vest is created to ensure workers are more visible and more secure. Wearing the WPRO 1.1 vest will reduce the dangers of workers without losing in efficiency and comfort during interventions.

Weartronic Inside


Easily integrated into any type of clothing and accessory, the true value of “Weartronic Inside” is ensuring safety with unlimited applications.


As it’s fully customizable in terms of LED colour, distance between LEDs and the number of LEDs.


As our technology can be adapted to any piece of clothing to make it smart and active.


As ultra-functional thanks to its durability, flexibility, lightness, resistance (shocks, water, salt) and temperature range (-20°C to +50°C / -4°F to +122°F).

The LED buttons are integrated into the clothing by our proprietary welding technique, a highly reliable solution applicable to wide range of supports (fabrics, leathers, synthetic layers).

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  • International Patent

  • EN ISO 13688:2013 – EN ISO 20471:2013

  • Project Management under NDA



Founder and CEO of Weartronic, David Zieder has a 360° expertise in micro-connectivity thanks to his twenty years in product development.


R&D Director, he leads major projects in rugged environments, including missions for the aeronautics and military industry. With 15 patents in France and International, he creates IDZ-Concept, an engineering “think-tank” that transforms needs into products.

The Story

Deciding to create “visible” clothing solutions, he designs a system of LED buttons that can integrate any material.
Three patents later and knowledgably strong with the infinite applications of his invention, he launches “Weartronic” along “lean start-up” principles.

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